If you are looking for a high quality inflatable that can serve as a personal tender or more, Zodiac will check all your boxes: lightweight, portable, extremely durable and very customizable.

Zodiac Medline   Each model in the Comfort Cruising category guarantees complete enjoyment at sea. Their design, ergonomics, materials used and fittings were created with ease of manoeuvre in mind, to offer the crew all the space needed.

Zodiac Tender  Choosing the right dinghy to perfectly suit your boat is an essential precaution. With its unique experience in this field, Zodiac has built a range of dinghies to suit any situation.

Zodica Pro  The Sport Cruising range is aimed at lovers of all nautical sports from fishing to waterskiing and diving. For those who are looking for a boat which will provide them with the highest level of comfort, performance and security in which to practise their favourite sport.

A&P Marine Bermuda is the local dealer for these preimum quality inflatables.

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