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Paint with Interlux
Fiberglass Bottomkote NT (New Technology) is formulated with a unique, Dual Resin Technology that allows a boat owner to benefit from the advantages in both ablative and hard antifouling paints. Fiberglass Bottomkote NT is a very durable coating, preventing premature wear-through, yet it has a slow polishing effect that keeps the hull clean & smooth without the heavy paint build-up you can get year after year with a traditional hard antifouling. With its fast drying properties, you can paint and launch the boat the same day!  Fiberglass Bottomkote NT is a universal product for most substrates (excluding aluminum) and it's an affordable choice!
Fiberglass Bottomkote® Aqua provides a colorfast, durable, low emissions finish that will provide premium protection from algae, slime, barnacles, zebra mussels and other forms of fouling. The low VOC, low odor formula of Fiberglass Bottomkote® Aqua is fast drying and has the added benefit of easy clean up with soap and water.

  • High performance antifouling that provides exceptionally smooth finish; reduces drag and coefficient of friction.
  • Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC), which limits solvent emission into the atmosphere.
  • Easy clean up with soap and water.
  • Thinner film, less paint build-up.
Pacifica Plus - is designed for those looking for a copper free antifouling. Pacifica Plus is a dual biocide antifouling that uses outstanding copper-free bottom paint.

  • Contains Econea™ to control shell growth and Biolux® Slime-Blocking technology
  • Clean, crisp, bright colors
  • Fast dry, low odor
  • High solids, reduced solvent emissions
  • Polishing action for improved fuel efficiencies which equals reduced carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the air
  • Suitable for all substrates, including aluminum.
Uses Micron® Technology to provide excellent, long lasting antifouling protection against all types of fouling. Controlled polishing rate reduces build-up of old coatings and minimizes sanding. Haul and re-launch without repainting.  Micron Technology uses less copper more efficiently than old fashioned high copper bottom paints.

  • Suitable for all power and sail, in all waters
  • Proven performance for over 20 years
  • Lloyds Register certified as TBT-free.
Micron CF is a multi-season antifouling that uses Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology to combat slime and Econea™ to ward off barnacles and zebra mussels. A polishing product, Micron CF helps reduce paint build- up, reduce friction and improve fuel efficiency. Micron CF is a VOC compliant. It is available in 4 bright colors including Shell White as well as a crisp black. Micron CF is suitable for use on all boats in all waters.
Micron 66 is a long lasting Self Polishing Copolymer with Biolux® formulated to provide a level of antifouling protection not previously available in any paint.  It has all the benefits of Micron Technology in that it polishes and becomes smoother with use, reducing drag and fuel consumption, leading to significant reduction in Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide emissions.  It can be hauled and relaunched without recoating and the polishing action reduces build-up, hence minimizing sanding at reapplication. Controlled polishing leads to maximum protection even during stationary periods at the dock or mooring. Not for use in fresh water.

  • Top of the Micron® range – Award-winning, self-polishing copolymer technology with Biolux® SPC.  (use in Salt water only)
  • Outstanding multi-seasonal antifouling performance in the harshest fouling conditions 
  • Top rated antifouling in independent tests for maximum protection and long life
  • Maximum protection even during stationary periods at the dock or mooring.

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